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This page will allow you to view and download PDF fact sheets for Plum Communications' different products and services, as well as viewing and downloading tariff sheets for Plum's landline and mobile services.
Click on the folder name to view and download information about the appropriate products and services and tariff sheets.

Folder Name
Data Backup, SonicWALL Aventail, SonicWALL TZ Series
ADSL Broadband, Plum Hosting, Plum Website Screenshots, Website Design
Compatible Devices, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Tracking, OpenHand, Plum Mobile, Plum Mobile Saver, Vehicle Tracking
01 and 02 Numbers, 03 Numbers, 08 Numbers, Fax and SMS Services, Plum Inbound, Plum Inbound Screenshots, Telephone Calls, Telephone Lines

Audio Conferencing, Feature Phones, Headsets, Leasing, Maintenance, Telephone Systems

Directory Enquiries, International Landline & Mobile Rates, Special Numbers, UK Line Rental & Inland Rates

International Landline & Mobile Rates, UK Landline & Mobile Rates


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